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Holidays in Poros

Poros is one of the most famous islands of the Argosaronic Gulf and has boat connections with the port of Piraeus in Athens and Galatas in the Peloponnese.

Even though it is a popular destination with Greeks, Poros attracts visitors from all over the world, as they choose it for its picturesque atmosphere, beautiful scenery and it’s tranquility.

Poros is ideal destination for holidays and also for refreshing weekends away from the stress and noise of everyday city life.

Upon arriving in the port of Poros, the first thing you see is the clock tower that dominates and stands out in the scenery.

Walking around the island you can admire the huge pine trees that cover large areas on the island, and the traditional houses that are built amphitheatrically creating a picturesque and tranquil image. The amazing scenery is complete with the famous Lemon Grove, which is a small paradise on earth and something that every visitor to the island should see.

You can take a stroll and climb the stairs towards the clock tower. From the top you can admire the panoramic views around the island and Saronic Gulf.

Poros has some wonderful beaches to enjoy swimming and relaxing under the sun. Some of them are Mikro Neorio, Megalo Neorio, kanali, Perlia, Vagonia and the small but picturesque bays of Agapi and Nafstathmos (naval base).  Many of them are isolated and surrounded by pine trees, making them ideal for relaxing moments and tranquility.

Poros is well organized for tourism and offers all the modern amenities for accommodation and entertainment. It has plenty of lovely restaurants and traditional tavernas, café bars, bars and clubs for great nightlife.

Those who enjoy trekking can visit the Lemon grove, following the route past the colourful lemon and orange trees, water mills and a waterfall that creates an amazing setting.

Poros is an ideal accommodation base for pleasant activities close to nature and more. With it’s easy access and close proximity with Athens and the Peloponnese, it offers many options for day trips and excursions.